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Our Background

Crown Consultants are passionate about our business and providing clients with the very best service and guidance. Our client care is second to none as we are always prepared to go that extra mile to provide the service necessary to have a successful conclusion for you the client. We understand that each case is different and believe that our expertise, combined with our experience ensures that we can quickly understand your needs and can provide solutions in a simple manner, that are tailored to your individual circumstances. In our experience here at Crown we have found that especially when the contract is in perpetuity most clients would like to be out of timeshare. The reasons for staying with it so to speak are many but the most common is the loss financially. Although this can be hard it is better to cut losses and save on the yearly maintenance than keep chasing after the rainbow that is compensation.

Exceeding Your Expectations…

Break free from your timeshare chains - If your personal circumstances do not allow you to pay the maintenance fees, its time to get rid of that recurrent cost. We know that giving away your timeshare contract in a nice and simple way is complicated or even impossible and the only option is to take legal actions. To abruptly stop paying the maintenance fees of your timeshare contract may not be the best decision as this could carry legal and financial implications. If you want to stop paying maintenance fees, you should consider your legal options to cancel the contract outright.

What could happen if I stop paying the fees? As stated earlier, simply stopping the payment of your maintenance fees is not a good idea. Non- payment could have very negative consequences, such as inclusion in a debtors list. Something like this would seriously complicate your options for getting a loan in the future. Therefore, to get rid of your contract without suffering negative legal and financial consequences, we recommend you seek specialized legal advice. Get out of your timeshare contract There's a part of the speech that timeshare sellers skip when they make their presentation. We are talking about the right of withdrawal. As a consumer, the law guarantees you to, without any justification, withdraw from your contract within 14 calendar days. This right allows you, as a consumer, to terminate the contract without any cost.

Ace in the sleeve…

Even if you already signed your contract a long time ago, here is a tip you should take: if the contract has not been in effect for more than 1 year and 14 days and the Resort did not provide you with a withdrawal form, request this form to get another 14 days during which you can exercise your right to withdrawal.

We at Crown do thorough checks before advising you on the path you should take. If we feel there could be a chance of compensation we will advise accordingly. It is more likely a straight forward relinquishment which means that at least you save your maintenance and holiday your way for a change.

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